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STEP 1. FAST & FREE CONSULTATION. RESOLVES your IRS problems once and for all. We handle State problems too. Family owned. BBB 'A'. Real solutions. No surprises. Easy payment plans. We work every case to completion. Guaranteed. STEP 2. TAX RESOLUTION EXPERTS GET THE BEST RESULTS. Let our team represent your best interests. We will stop the insantity, set up an agreement you can live with, keep you out of it and represent your best interests. Talk to us about tax relief options to settle back taxes like the Offer in Compromise 'Fresh Start' Program. Get a fresh start. STEP 3. PROBLEM SOLVED  Our licensed taxpayer representatives deliver proven results. You have the advantage. Don't wait until they file the inevitable liens and levies.Call for your free 'go the extra mile' consultation and tax settlement analysis.

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Sentry Tax Group represents clients before IRS in Civil / Administrative, Collections and/or Audit Actions. Not a Tax Attorney and do not give legal advice.

We Fix IRS Problems. We Guarantee it.

You deserve a better consultation. Sensible solutions. No surprises. Lets Talk. 

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