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I am honored and it is with sincere gratitude that I provide this testimonial for The Sentry Tax Group.  I originally contacted a nationally advertised organization (Tax Masters) to solve my IRS dilemma in December 2011.  I was dismayed to discover after paying $400. up front that not only couldn't they help they didn't even exist anymore!  I pleaded with the representative to refer me to a company I could trust.....best thing that ever happened!!  He gave me the number for The Sentry Tax Group who put my mind at ease the moment I spoke with them on the phone.  My first rep contact was from an Enrolled Agent who got the ball rolling.  He was joined by an associate Enrolled Agent and the two worked as a team, went to bat for me against "Goliath" the IRS that had intimidated me relentlessly for several months prior. Tim and Mark kept me updated every step of the way listening attentively to my concerns, instructing and advising me with the assurance that they would "get the job done" and that they did and then some!! My debt was reduced from $50,000 plus to mere $100s!!!!  All in less than six months!!  Incredible!!   In the meantime Karla the accountant who handled my payments and understood my financial status stayed in touch extending me grace periods when finances were tight.  I highly recommend all of them....a group that exemplifies the highest ethical standards, treats their clients with respect and compassion and the bottom line..... THEY GET RESULTS!!!! Darlene W Michigan I had issues with the IRS and contracted a company to help me. I couldn't have been more disappointed with their service. I hadn't heard from them in a while and then found out they went bankrupt and owed me money as well. The people at The Sentry Tax Group, were so understanding and helpful. They are pleasant and courteous. They tell you they will do something and when it will be done and are very true to their word. They worked with me and the IRS and came up with a positive solution for everyone.  Also knowing how much I paid to the other company, they did adjust their fees to help me out of my situation. I know that anytime in the future if I have any tax concerns or know of anyone with tax issues, they will be the first call I make. My experience with The Sentry Tax Group was nothing less than wonderful. Sincerely, Eileen S. Florida  After having spent $4,000 to get my offer in compromise completed I found out that my well respected and nation’s largest tax resolution company went under…they didn’t even contact me and I was out the money with no settlement with the IRS. In fact, they weren’t in regular contact with me nor did they indicate any problems. It took them about a year and still the debt wasn’t settled. I was devastated as my debt was over $32,000.00 because of penalties and interest…even though I had paid on an installment agreement for over 10 years. In frustration, I contacted my initial intake agent and he referred me to The Sentry Tax Group. Within a matter of a few weeks, they lowered the projected settlement to $4800.00 and corrected the information that the previous tax resolution company had made costly errors on…in fact, the IRS wanted to settle for $9800.00. I was blown away by the reduction and so relieved. The Sentry Tax Group kept in regular contact with me guiding me every step of the way. They were professional, helpful and genuinely concerned about my situation. Words cannot express how grateful I am to finally have closure to my IRS nightmare. Thank you so much Sentry Tax Group! Kim D. Ohio The Sentry Tax Group went the extra mile to help and did everything you could ask for and more. I would happily recommend them to friends & family Karen L. New York Last year while retired,I became homeless. And the I.R.S. was going to levy my pay check. I got in touch with a company who assured me they could help with my problem. I had to take three buses across town to meet a representative,and to make payments. I was given assurances they will take care of me. I once waited for four hours to have a no show. The company went bankrupt. They did nothing for me,and wanted more money. I was in a deep hole. I then turned to The Sentry Tax Group. They handled me with kid gloves. They were straight up with me, and answered all questions. If I left a message they would call back. If not that day then the following day. I would not have to burn up their phones. I would give them a five out of a five star rating system. I will also recommend them.                 Again,Thank You Sentry Tax Group.                             Sincerely,                      Gregory W. Michigan Call Rusty Jones. He will set you up with a tax specialist who will battle the IRS and slay State Franchise Giants in order to help you. My tax slayer was Tim Krusey, accountant extraordinaire who held my hand as he helped me undue 10 years of desolation, fear and misery. I had the awesome experience of taking a leap of faith with the Sentry Tax Group and they helped save me tens of thousands of dollars for which I am eternally grateful. To Rusty, Tim and their whole team, I thank each and every one of you. Leanna R. California