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We Fix IRS & State Tax Problems and Settle Back Taxes. Fast. Affordable. Money Back Guarantee | © 2012 -2013 | The Sentry Tax Group, LLC
      WORK EVERY CASE TO COMPLETION & COMPLIANCE WITH TAX AUTHORITIES. 1. Sentry Tax Group will take all proper care and prudence to ensure you have a good case worthy of our best efforts before we engage. 2. We will work your case until we have obtained the best results possible under the circumstances. 3. All cases are required to restore compliance with taxing authorities as the primary goal of the engagement. If we fail to do so, we will cheerfully refund your money. Every penny.                                                                                                                                                                                  THE FINE PRINT: SO WHAT DOES OUR GUARANTEE - GUARANTEE? This guarantee is in place to protect you from the most common issue plaguing consumers hiring professionals: They don’t do the work or they don’t complete the job. They stick your file in a drawer and duck your calls. While we can't guarantee (nobody can) IRS will accept our proposals submitted on your behalf, We will investigate if it is reasonable and prudent to expect your case to perform well before you hire us. We will use all proper care, prudence and transparent policies to set expectations. If we accept the case, we will work it to completion for one simple flat fee. We will obtain the best possible results under the circumstances. Here's an example of how our guarantee works. You owe $25,000 We determine an opportunity to make an Offer in Compromise to the IRS in the 2-4k range. We go the mat and when all the dust settles, IRS simply won't take less than 5k. It's nobody's fault. They want 5. Are we handing you a refund? No. And most reasonable people agree it's unreasonable to expect us to. But there are those that would complain and so we have to say sorry, it's not that kind of guarantee. However, If the number is unfair and and logic is on our side, we go back in and we fight some more. We guarantee we will FINISH THE JOB by negotiating a formal agreement with the Taxing Authority which stops further escalation and enforcement action and restores compliance. In plain English: a cease fire. PEACE. Another example how our guarantee works : Let's say IRS rejects your offer in compromise outright. We review the file and if reasonable grounds for an appeal exist, we appeal. No additional charge. Rejected again? Another review. Perhaps we can try getting you declared 'Currently Non Collectable'. Perhaps a 'Partial Pay Installment Agreement' or a 'Full Pay Installment Agreement' This is what we mean. Whatever needs to be done,  gets done.  No additional charge. We will work your case to completion.  We don't quit. We will finish the job, restore compliance with taxing authorities and get you the best possible results. That is our promise to you and we guarantee it. CALL OR CLICK to schedule a consult | 855-442-5410 Thank you. We appreciate your business! Karla Jones, CEO The Sentry Tax Group 309 Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda, Florida 33950 p: 855-442-5410 f:  888-338-6215 e: